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I am a Mother of three, wonderful, grown children. I have been a widow since 2006. I teach Fourh Grade in an all boy International School in Tokyo. I knit for therapy.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Go Go Party, or how I am Speed Limit

I am celebrating being a speed limit today! Yes, I am turning 55. Love it, absolutely crazy about it. When I was at dinner last night with my Tokyo, St. Mary's friends, Fumi told me 55 is a very lucky birthday. 5 is go in Japanese, so it's my Go Go birthday. Very lucky indeed. We had a delicious dinner at an Italian restaurant in Yoga. Fumi, Tammy, Joyce and Marilynn. Trish and Marsha stopped by the table followed by Gadish and Chris (Marsha's husband). We ate a lot of wonderful food. laughed and even opened presents! I got a lovely silver apple dish with soaps, a flannel tea towel, a bag with sakura on it, and a passmo/badge holder for ID.  All is all a fine evening.

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