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I am a Mother of three, wonderful, grown children. I have been a widow since 2006. I teach Fourh Grade in an all boy International School in Tokyo. I knit for therapy.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Color Affection

Color Affection Shawl from Sedona Knits.

I'm working on this fun little number. My colors are denim blue, raspberry pink and indecision gray. I will post a picture when I finish it. I am nearly to the last part of the stripes. It is very rhythmic and easy to follow. I especially like the short row work.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Going On

What's going on? These three words can have multiple meanings.
What's happening: Negative...yelled in a reactionary voice
Inquisitive: just catching up with someone...said in a hey, I really missed you voice
Moving forward: becoming unstuck...strong voice...can't believe in the change of situations
Totally clueless: living in a foreign country...bewilderment state of being...can't even say it.

I like it.
Steve is experiencing "What's going on?" moments.  He has waited and worried about getting a job for two summers. Now, in an instant, he's heading to teach in China. This question will be repeated many, many times. Hopefully, the answers will be gentle and he'll experience some grand things.

My son is off to see the World for himself and ask: Hey, what's going on?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fujisan, (which is a term of endearment for the Mt. Fuji in Japan), only is visible on occasions because of clouds, haze, etc. When he comes out, it is considered to be lucky. I was blessed to see Fujisan today as I was waiting on the train platform. I had just put in a long day at school, and worried about my son, still not getting a job. Amazing how the Lord sends down signs to let us know he's still there. Then, when I got home, my dear friend since we were in the 8th grade together, (Farrer Jr. High in Provo!) sent me a care package full of wonderful things impossible to find here. She is a gem! So, thanks to the small things, and the kindness of a great friend. Go out and smile at someone today. Even if that's all you can manage to give away, do it, it could be someone's Fujisan for the day.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wrapping up summer, well almost.
It has been a blissful summer, not too hot and steamy, just enough to warm my soul.
I taught Summer School for 3 weeks, then tutored 3 students most of the summer. It's nice enough, it gets me out of the apartment and moving about the city by bus or train. I am usually home by 1. It's enjoyable to veg out on my new couch in front of the AC and watching the computer. The Olympics have been sort of enjoyable, only sort of, because when I watch them, it's by tape-delay and I already know the winners. Due to the modern advances of technology, we already know the winners wether we want to or not. Ho hum, it takes the excitement, anticipation and collective enjoyment of experiences in real time the events.

I have met a nice lady on my bus ride to tutor one of my students. She is about my age, neither one of us speaks the other's language well, she's better at English than I am at Japanese. But, we've struck up a friendship, and it's quite lovely. She works for her brother who is a dentist. I don't know her name, but will figure it out next time I see her.
I am about finished with my tutoring for the summer. It has been great. I have earned a great deal of money and have set it aside and will not have to withdraw funds from my bank account this Fall. I am planning on living well though, as far as getting my hair done and getting a massage monthly. 
I am gearing up to go back to school next Friday. Pat should arrive Tues. and it will be good to have her next door. I also will be teaching early morning Seminary this year. It's at 6 a.m. in my tiny apt. Heaven help me, you know I am not an early riser! Oh well, I'll give it a go. (I also prefer smaller children to teenagers).
I have been knitting quite a bit, and have gotten quite a few projects done before school takes up all my time. 
I also managed to keep two hamsters alive this summer for a friend. She returns next week, and gladly, I will return them to her. They are nocturnal and run on a wheel all night. Thank heavens for earplugs!  Pat's plant that I was also tending, hasn't faired as well. It's looks half dead. She said it would be okay to kill it. She's prophetic, it's nearly dead.  I never did have much of a green thumb. 
Well, that's all of my musings for one night. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Boy, oh Boy!!

What's new on my needles? I will be a Grandma in early December. What? It takes me a minute to digest this. Don't get me wrong. Grandma's are wonderful. I have many friends my age who tell me how wonderful it is. They've been at it quite awhile. I just found out I'll be a Grandma to a little boy. So, stash of yarn... look out for the boy colors. Here we go.

Tokyo's Trains and angels

I just spent 5 hours on the train system of Tokyo going to and from tutoring a little girl for an hour lesson. Something definitely wrong with that ratio. The good thing was, I am so proud of my tech savy skills. I got lost a number of times and used my google map to locate myself and which train line to connect with. I also happened upon several very sweet Japanese girls who helped me in their broken English. Lesson learned: we are all in this world to touch each other's lives, we can help others no matter where or in what language. A smile and a look of "where am I" and a silent prayer is answered immediately by a loving Father who really cared about me today. Life's journey is a series of missed connections and going the wrong way, either by choice or accident. There are throngs of angels out there willing to gently nudge us back onto the right train. Lovely lesson learned today.